Development Approach

Long Term Development Plan

Why do we need a development plan?

  1. The highest base of knowledge, experiences, and anything else related to baseball is associated with elite-level competition. The more your child grasps at a younger age learning the game the right way puts your child at an advantage. That is including over those who may even have more skill than your child.
  2. A long-term development is rarely ever set in place. Training and preparation is currently done in a short-term outcome that is geared towards winning at that moment rather than a long term process of development. Our teams and our athletes will always COMPETE to WIN, but more importantly to us is that your child DEVELOPS. We do not care about how many home runs or strikeouts you have at the age of 12, we want to see where you are at when you're 17/18 years old vying for a college scholarship.
  3. Single-sport specialization hinders your child's development. WE HIGHLY ENCOURAGE OUR ATHLETES TO PLAY 2 SPORTS. You are doing your child a disservice if you steer your child into one sport specialization. Clemson Head Football Coach Dabo Sweeney had this to say about multi-sport athletes: "I Just think that the cross-training, the different types of locker rooms, the different environments that you practice in, the different challenges - I think develops a much more competitive, well-rounded type person." - 14 out of 23 of his recruits in 2016 played more than one sport in high school.
  4. By setting this plan we aim to develop WINNERS and COMPETITORS both in SPORTS and in LIFE.

Development StageAgePractice %Competition %Competition Months/yrPractice Month/yr
Start up - Fun, basic
movements, socialize
7 and under75%25%4 months4 months
Rookie Ball - Fundamentals,
self motivation,
7-12 years old75%25%4 months6-8 months
Single A - Mechanics,
autonomy, situational
knowledge begins
12-14 years old65%35%4-6 months6-8 months
Double A - Open
communication, recovery,
finding oneselves
mechanics, overuse
14-16 years old50%50%4-8 months8 months
Triple A - Position
Specialization, process
orientated, situational
knowledge and applying it
16-18 years old45%55%4-8 months8 months
Big Leagues - Optimize
mechanics/ master skills,
flow state,
19+Collegiate or professional developmentCollegiate or professional developmentCollegiate or professional developmentCollegiate or professional development